to be simultaneously sane and insane.
Corollary: Amuse the deity of your choice.
Zanists like to say to each other upon parting, "Go forth and be zane" or simply "be zane."
by Artaran August 25, 2006
A funny guy with sexy girl friends,Friends with a Thomas.Usually has a large penis that makes guys feel like they are fucking wimps with nothing to live for.
That Zane is coming right,I want to play spin the bottle.
by Sexy boy 12 March 10, 2015
wierd or insane foreigner(s)
Vancouver has alot of zanes

characteristics of one :
fobbed out foreigner whos on the night crew because they can't speak the 1st language of country they are currently working, studying in or living in. they also wear the same shit everyday.
by LDNC December 04, 2014
Fat obese and very oddly shaped person who lives with his mother and has 69 Mt. Dew cans under his bed
Someone who is fat is zane
by Talon02 May 22, 2016
The act of trolling others excessively.
"I just got zaned last night."

"Oh, man, that's bad."

"I know."
by haatsu September 22, 2011
Tall. Dark Asian. Thick hair. Nice. Admired by many. Friendly. Stands out. Unforgettable.
"I like turtles."

"I like Zane."

"Doesn't everyone."
by Xiumi September 03, 2011
a loveing caring beautiful red head child zane also means god is gracious
zane=god is gracious
by god is gracious October 08, 2008
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