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A Mofo at its finest. Has dark hair and green eyes. Tall and very slender. Neopolitain-Italian. Lives on the East Coast. Likes to smoke weed and drink often. Especially gin. Hardcore party animal. Lazy and likes to sit around alot. Commonly found with alot of girls that are close friends. Has some trust issues and keeps a barrier up that is almost constantly there. Never lets his guard down and only opens up to special people. Funny, but doesnt realize it. Very, VERY, pretty eyes :) Known to be semi violent. He isnt shy but rather chooses not to talk because 'he has nothing to say'. Lives with a rough exterior but behind hides an amazing person. Dreams to be a writer but is having shady second thoughts. Has a huge heart and a caring personality, but doesnt know it. Is one of the best guys you'll ever meet. Usually is everything you've ever wanted in a guy and then some. If you befriend Zakkary Addison, you would be very lucky :)
Hes a Zakkary Addison
by LilMofo July 01, 2010

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