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an industrial waste land sum where in cali also a rock group part of psychopathic records reppin the juggalos !! EAST SIDE!! WOOP WOOP
"spit and i would lick it just to taste your presence"
by maria THA lAST LETTE DEAD April 27, 2004
awesome member of the psychopathic family. just like the rest of the family, writes about the shit that the rest of them are afraid to.
lyrics from "sunny day"-
I'll stand far away, i wouldnt wanna dull your sunny day...
i'm staring at your picture, standing on the chair the rope is tied, when im dead my ghost will come and haunt you, cuz its you that committed suicide.
by lost soul March 23, 2005
Zug Izland is a psychopathic group named after a industeralized island located in River Rouge city limits of Detroit. Zug Izlands most popular members are Viloten J (from Icp) and Vanilla Ice. Also consisting of Syn,2phat,Joey V. and Dave V.
Zug Izland is featured on Forgotten Freshness Vol.4 with ICP on a song called FLY AWAY.
and also on The Wraith:Shangri-La album on 2 songs: Aint Yo Bussiness and Cottoncandy and Popcicles.

Even if you dont like juggalo music the music is still good.
They are cool and really awesome! Listen to them.
Juggalo1: "Hey you know that song Aint yo bussiness by ICP?"
Juggalo2:"Hell Ya ninja why?"
Juggalo1:"Did you know that a part of a Zug Izland's song Sucide is in that song?"
Juggalo2:No way thats so cool Zug Izland is the shit!!"
Juggalo1:"Hells Ya Whoop Whoop Juggalos!"
#zug izland #juggalos #ninja #psychopathic #vanilla ice #icp
by 801Female juggalo November 04, 2009
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