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If you gotta ask, you can't afford it.
It's 10 for an h-job, 20 for a b-job and 50 for a Z job.
by TheSpacePope September 23, 2007
recieving head while sleeping
i can't believe i didn't wake up while i was getting a z job!
by aye woody October 21, 2007
If you have to ask, you can't afford it.... But for those of you who CAN afford it, here it is:
Basically it involves a man recieving oral sex from a woman, while she is Asleep. Now, for the exact details (all of which start with the letter "Z", culminating in the ultimate Z Job):
Step 1: The woman takes a strong sleep-aid called Zolpidem. This is helpful so as not to wake the woman.
Step 2:Zilactin-B Mouth Sore Gel. This is applied by the man, into the woman's mouth. This will partially numb her mouth, allowing for maximum oral sex time before she wakes up.
Thes acts will test the limits of the woman's facials muscles and tissues: A zygomatic bone in your face(pair) & a zygomaticus Major and minor ( they are groups of muscles around your mouth)

Step 3: And now comes the grand finale. The zonula ciliaris is a small muscle located on the eye ball. As the man is about to climax, he slaps the woman, abruptly returning her to consciousness. Shocked, the woman gasps and quickly opens her eyes. This is when the man ejaculates on her open eyes, coating the zonula ciliaris.

After this has been accomplished, you have successfully completed a proper Z Job.
I gave Tera a Z Job.
by Screech McScreech May 01, 2010
if you dont know what it is you probably cant afford it
hey you want a zjob
whats that
if you dont know wat it is you probably cant afford it
by darthredneck February 07, 2008
To get head while still asleep.
I thought I was dreaming, but i was actually receiving a z-job....zzzzzzz.
by acoors May 19, 2007
(1) Attempting to write a "Z" with ejaculate on a person or thing during orgasm. Sometimes called a Turbo Z-Job when the orgasm reached via prostate manipulation. Also called Sexy Zorro.
(2) Prostitute slang for the sexual act he once considered taboo, but now common place since drugs don't pay for themselves. Performance of their Z-Job usually coincides with the cessation of a whore's humanity making their murder a misdemeanor rather than a felony.
(3) A derogatory term applied to the translation/localization efforts applied to a foreign television show, usually Anime.
(1) The asshole cut me off so I followed him to his home and Z-Jobbed his car while he slept.
(2) Three guys in the butt while deep throating was my Z-Job, but Dealz McDruggs upped his prices and I needed my fix.
(3) Man, Bleach got totally Z-Jobbed by Funimation!
by Crazyrynth October 18, 2010
When you get a rubber band and put it around your testicles. tie a knot, followed by sticking your ball-sack in a girls vagina, and your penis into their asshole (Or vice-versa.) :) and that's a Z-job
Dude, I was flirting with your girl all night, then I totally gave her a Z-job!
by Mr Killjoy February 02, 2010
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