1. A very offensive non-word, a word that isn't really a word but still offends.

2. Yummy misspelled but not corrected.
Jonah: Yo' Braden! Bacon is "Yummly?" WTF! This page has 30,000 likes on Facebook!?!
Braden: I saw, Man. People are fucking... loses interest
by Bronah December 02, 2010
Top Definition
More than yummy
That cupcake was yummly
by mulva111 December 06, 2010
This word is used when a semi-retarded person can't pronounce yummy.
Jimmy-Mmm, this cake is yummly.

Grandma-Stupid, it's pronounced yummy.
by BrooklinAshlea1997 February 14, 2011
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