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The Yummish Faith is a small, but growing movement. Maybe you have noticed Yummish people in your community – holding hands, eating ice cream cones, petting fluffy dogs, stopping to smell the roses... or the cinnabons. Yummishness is often confused with Hedonism. Hedonism, with its focus on pleasure, is very similar to Yummishness. However, the ultimate focus of Hedonism is the pleasure of the individual. The Yummish Faith teaches that an act or object is not truly Yummy (of The Yum) if, for one party to maximize their pleasure, another party must suffer. Yummishness is about pursuing the true Yum, not just any good feeling that one can engender.
We Yummish spend our lives trying perfect our own Yum and pursuing the perfection of the greater YUM.
by HotGingerMess May 24, 2010
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