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Getting paid by Youtube to make videos
Hey there, you're hott, wanna come to my pad? My bed's made out of youtube money

I get the youtube money and the youtube money/get the youtube money/and the views gonna come/I get the youtube money and the youtube money/get the youtube money/and you get none...a a a o o o, a a a o o o, a a...
by JizzCooler October 07, 2010
A noun describing an enormous sum of currency acquired by posting videos on the interwebs.

Generally YouTube wizards have majestically reached this feat by posting videos of kittens, groin shots, live t.v. profanities, and self-help clips.

As soon as 10,000 views has been reached, the video uploader instantly becomes unfathomably rich.
Never over exaggerated and always exact, such as when speaking to a friend:
-"Yo, you finna buy Bears tickets for Sunday?"
-"I'ma buy the team after I get that YouTube Money. Got 50 views yesterday"

Can be used in business situations as well:
-"How is that Q1 report looking"
-"Dismal Sir, but we are projected to turn everything around in Q2. Two words, 'YouTube Money'"
by OogaBoogaMan September 25, 2014
The phrase "YouTube Money!", coined by YouTuber "lolitsthad" or Thaddeus Peuterschmidt, is exclaimed to describe something cool or of extreme awesomeness.
Guy 1 - "Yo dude, i just had a threesome"
Guy 2 - "YouTube money!!"

Guy - "Breakfast for dinner? YouTube monehh!!"
by thadisaboss January 07, 2012
the money you earn on posting youtube videos
Q: Yo jabroni, are you still up for the trip to Colombia?
A: Hellz yeah Bitch! I just got monetized with some fresh Youtube Moneys.
by Jupa Mujeres July 01, 2015
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