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For little kids and dumbasses, it a saying to mean when you raise your left hand when asked for your right, to tell them to change to the other hand.
Teacher: Kids, raise your right hand!

(Billy raises his left hand.)

Teacher: Billy, your other right.
by Sunkissed95 March 20, 2010
A phrase said to a moron who does not know their right from their left.
I told Johnny to raise his right hand so he could be sworn in to testify in court. Johnny raises his left and I tell him your other right.
by nottheguywhocarriesthepebble July 31, 2013
Phrase meaning "left" for dumbasses that can't tell the difference between left and right. As opposed to your other left
Coach: Turn left!

(Kids turn right)

Coach: ...Your other right.

(Kids turn left)
by rightwinger March 02, 2005

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