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Colloquial Language for: You know nothing.
A: Hey, dude! 34 that on Photoshop.
B: 34?
A: Yeah, make that steamy.
B: Steamy?
A: Dude, you don't know jack about imaging, don't you?
by Deuces High March 10, 2011
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An extremely popular video trivia game where the categories are outrageous, the questions are hilarious and the host makes fun of you when you're wrong! Everyone I know goes crazy for these games.
Have you played today's Daily DisOrDat game on the You Don't Know Jack Website?
It's called:
Spank Me! Spank Me Per the Geneva Convention!
Me DisOrDat you long time.
And it tests your knowledge of two very important topics!
by Marcy33 December 21, 2006
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This a game that is played online. It gives you 4 letters, for example PLEP. With those four letters you must make it into a witty remark, each word strating with those letters. PLEP could become "people Love Eating Pie" the quickest answer gets 1 vote. Once it is submitted other players vote on it and the one with the most votes wins ( you cant vote for urself)
Cam is good at playing "You Dont Know Jack" he always get a vote, he thinks quick.
by pink_elephant January 10, 2007
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