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What delusional fucks use when people insult their favourite band/artist. Very common among Jonas Brothers' fangirls. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that people hate their "beloved" Jonas Brothers so in denial they say "You're just jealous!". Oh really? I am certain you also hate stuff like lets say heavy metal bands so does it make you jealous of them? Morons.
Guy: Jonas Brothers' suck!

Girl: OMFG! You're just jealous!

Guy: Why the fuck would I be jealous? I listen to real music like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Beatles, Nirvana and more.

Girl: OMFG those bands are like the worst in history.

Guy: You hate them but are you jealous of them?

Girl: No!

Guy: Then retarded bitch, how am I suppose to be jealous of the Jonas Brothers?
by Person With Logic November 06, 2009
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