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Just like a Dirty Sanchez but, while in the act of performing sex on a female while she is on the rag. You then get oral sex from her while she gets menstrual blood on her upper lip. You call her a varmit while doing this.
While my lady is ragging I make sure to give her a Yosemity Sam
by xxat56xx May 18, 2008
the act of having a four some with 3 females and one male. First, the male positions himself on a bed. Two of the females go above him and one is below on the floor giving him head. The male inserts his fingers into the girls buginas above his head then begins to finger them with his two fingers in the position of two guns. Bang bang bang and then its over for all three.
Dude i cant believe I pulled off a yosemity sam the other night, those girls were wild
by ashley jones May 09, 2005

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