1. So messed up from some hard core dope u are bouncing off the walls
2. Hyper from drugs
That reefa gave me a mad yippy rush.
by DR.DREWSKEE October 21, 2004
Top Definition
Upper class hippee youth brought up by wealthy parents but dresses up in hippy clothes and smokes alot of weed.
Benny's new BMW he gt from his parents aleady stinks like weed what a yippy
by atoughpar3 March 13, 2009
A yuppy/hippy. A yuppy with hippy sensibilities. It is all about proving that we can live in the world without destroying it and each other. It is like liberalism 2.0 which is born out of the sensibilities and youth movements of the late 80s and 90s.
John is a yippy and he is going to save the planet.

Paige is a yippy. She works in advertising, drives a small hybrid, makes loads of money, and believes in communal living and renewable clean energies.
by Timoteo92 March 15, 2010
meaning to be proud of thine self
Yippy. I have accomplished a task I set for my self
by Mrz. Sparkles0927 February 12, 2010
A young person whose parents may or may not have been a hippy; are upwardly mobile, are vegan and rude as fuck.
That wannabe hippy Yippy just ran over my toe with their shopping cart.
by RunninL8K8 July 07, 2016
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