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to go hard (having nothing to do with vagina)

to succeed in living in the moment

to have crazy amounts of fun in any sort of environment

etc. etc.
-2 friends in the Lego Store at Disneyland-

Alan: I'm gonna build something, steal it, and give it to the first crying kid I see.

Anna: Yine!
by Disneyland Singer April 08, 2013
A compound word, meant to sound vaguely Middle-Englishy, which is a conflation of either "yea" and "thine", or "yon" and "thine." May be used as an affirmative, a place-maker, or a possessive pronoun.
"Yine breath smells like yine feet."
"Look over at yine potato. I do believe it loos like President Bush! Yine, it does!"
by JMar December 03, 2004
the female vag
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
a word used in place of all of you

this word originated in pittsburgh pennsylvania
"hey, do yines want to go see a movie or something?"
by jebudiah springfield August 01, 2008