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Ygor is a great friend, he always helps people, even if they don't deserve help. He's good looking even though the other definition says the opposite. You'll never meet someone as nice as he is, he is smart, has a good taste on music, reads good books, plays the piano, he's funny and is always able to make you smile. Ygor always surprises you doing something you never thought he would, but most of the times it's something good. Ygor is very shy, so you might take a while to know him for real but, once you do, you'll see he's probably the best person you've e
by sophiap June 21, 2011
soccer and basketball player but he cant play good . he is like 6 ft tall and he only has one knee. he has a moon on his face and looks like last year with his mon-fri shirt. he has a lil dck doe
"Look outside the car window, see that park?"
"You said Ygor family reunion?"
by charger24 May 13, 2010
originally a character from the frankenstein movies, ygor is a term now used to describe the level of ugliness a person is. the ugliest level you can get before it ends up being a physical deformity or prior to one feeling pity for being so ugly.
In the club, there were some fuglies and even worse, some ygor looking dudes tryin to holla at me.
by licious32 July 27, 2008
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