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An anti-asian asian

Someone who despises their asian culture, such as me, and replaces it with the western sub-culture. That is, their music, their ways of talking, their hobbies and their LIFE in general.

Perhaps it is the new form of an asian stereotype?
We all know yellowtrash are unique compared to every other asian because they don't need to pump 20 $2 coins into DDR machines after school at the local arcade, nor do they listen to shitty, one-beat RnB, trendy top-20 radio bullshit, or even worse, asian music, nor do they type 'you' as 'u' and spend hours looking for different emoticons that flash and give everyone epileptic seizures for their IM programs.
by The Birthday Massacre April 27, 2006
Cars originating from Asia. This includes Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cars. Effectively, the Asian equivalent of Eurotrash.
Man, you guys can keep your Eurotrash and Yellowtrash cars. I'm stickin' with American cars all the way!
by shock6906 January 09, 2014
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