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A name given to Japanese girls because they are as easy to pick up and ride as a yellow taxi.
I got me a Yellow Taxi last night and i freaked that ass to the morning light.
by Y Diddy July 19, 2004
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People say Japanese girls are like a yellow taxi. Because they are yellow and easy to ride.

This is the actual definition given to me by a Japanese girl who I met and took for coffee. She asked me "do you know what a yellow taxi is" and I played dumb and said "you mean one of those cabs in New York?"

Two hours later after she sucked my dick and swallowed, she told me because she had to get going because her boyfriend was waiting for her to get home from work(first time she mentioned him)!! I asked so what was that about being a yellow taxi, and she replied,
"I guess I am one"

This is a true story!!
Jgirls are all yellow taxis.
by j996 November 01, 2006
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