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A snowball that is covered in urine
Tom decided to make a yellow snowball and throw it at John, much to the humour of all his classmates.
by Rob Neal January 24, 2007
Similar to a snowball only it has a combination of cock cheese and semen.
The bum's cock was so dirty that the prostitute gave him a yellow snowball after she sucked him off.
by skin January 17, 2004
When a woman spits the cum that she so nicely sucked out of a man's balls with the piss that he then deposited in her mouth because she wouldn't swallow the cum.
That chick sucks a great dick except she doesn't like to suck it all the way down. Last night, I thought that I taught her a lesson by saving up a lot of piss to trail the stream of cum into her mouth. It was all cool until she pulled off the Yellow Snowball. She's a sneaky one, but hot and horny, so...
by Sed8ed March 22, 2004
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