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1. The yellow trickle of urine that saves your burning anus and stops the burning sensation. Whilst sitting on the toilet excreting feces in soupy form, what is known as diarrhea and feeling a burning sensation around your anus caused by raging enzymes chomping on the soft starfish tissue of your anus as you curse fast food and feel all hope is lost. Alas, fate sends in a hero. The hero, yellow savior, acts as a diffuser and it calms the burning sensation by flowing over your anus, washing the bastard enzymes away. Most common in females.

2. The sun. Definition most preferred is number 1.
Scenario 1:

Celeste: *watery chunk sounds*
Celeste: Fuck, fuck, it burns! I need a fucking yellow savior right now.

Scenario 2:

Tina: Katie, if it wasn't for the yellow savior I would've had to deal with a burning anus!

Katie: Be thankful, not all of us are that lucky.
by Mistah Bob Dabolina January 08, 2012

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