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1...a burger, so amazingly edible and tasty, that only the highest qualilty resturants include them on thier menu.

2...what to ask for as a joke at a drive through window like McDonalds or other similar fast food resturant, knowing that they don't know what it is.

3...a small town in Australia, the state of Victoria
I had the Yea Burger at the Formal Dining resturant, and it was so good, I went and murdered the chef.

(at a drivethrough window)
Guy: Can I get a Yea Burger?
Attendant:A what?
Guy:A fukin Yea Burger you idiot.
Attendant:Um, Yea sure?! Do you want fries with that?
Guy: Yea, of course I do, you fukin assmouthed bastard.
Attendant: Please pull to the next window sir.

Yesterday, we all went up to Yea, and we got Yeaed.
by Blip Rogers September 10, 2007
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