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Yazoomafroo, pronounced Yazoo-m-froo has a similar definition to that of a Lahiho, being the exact opposite of the "ungodly amount of own, pwnage and beast like skills". Many people tend to pronounce the word incorrectly as they cannot read. Yazoomafroo may sometimes be given the nickname of "Uber Hax Man" as an indication of the "uber hax skills" that it is capable of. Yazoomafroo is said to be the creator of "Lol a Moose" who is the mythical pet of the legendary Lahiho. Anything below the level of skill of Yazoomafroo is considered a "Nub Nugget" or a "Bum Nugget" and completely worthless of skill. A Yazoomafroo may also be associated with words such as "Fail", "Epic Fail" and "Negibomber".
Player 1: Man, that kid sucks at Call of Duty
Player 2: I know, he's such a bum nugget.
Player 1: He's even worse than a Yazoomafroo, jeez.
Player 2: Don't even waste your breathe on anything lower than a Yazoomafroo.
by Gsjj July 07, 2009
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