When you get over excited and can't think of a better word to decribe your feelings.
Hannah: "I can't wait until May! YAtaa!"
Miranda: "Oh not this again"
by MirandoM April 15, 2007
Top Definition
The cheer of hapiness from the character Hiro Nakamura from the television show, Heroes. It was first heard after Hiro succesfully teleported to New York from Tokyo.

It can be used as a general shout of hapiness or acomplishment.
I passed my test! Yataa!
by Gatefold May 02, 2007
It said by Hiro Nakamura from the television show, Heroes. it mean «I did it!». Hiro is from Tokyo, so it's should be in japanese.
- yataa!
by me360 September 24, 2009
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