A Pakistani name that is assigned to Muslims and is an Arabic name.
Man.. Yasir, he is so hip, he is cool
by Chris Marcus April 24, 2008
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An extremely handomse, typically brown fellow with a huge package who gets all the girls
yo, dats yasir, again with dem gurls
by big_glock September 21, 2009
To refer (or a title) to a person that exudes a royal power-like demeanor with respect. A Sir of Sir's is Yasir.
Sir, I apologize. No that's Yasir to you sir. There's a new Yasir in town and he ain't taking shit from no one.
by AdamStevens34 November 17, 2013
Pakistani Snake - Samp - Serpent. Slithering reptiles.
"Yo don't samp"

"Yo stop being such a Yasir !"

by Umran Chowdhury May 21, 2012
person who make up too many lies and forgets what he/she said. stupid son of a dog. who farts where ever he goes. who cheeks look like his cheeks.
can you stop being yasir
by co-workerrr June 05, 2009

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