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The coolest person ever on earth. His awesomeness attracts all girls on the planet and makes babies stop crying. People usually chant his name three times when they want to raise self-confidence or get rid of nervous feeling. Rumour has it that even Wyatt Earp didn't have a chance to sigh when facing him on one on one duel.
P.S. He sneezes money.
Bullies: Hahah, looser! Now give us your pocket money or we will kick your butt!
Bullied: Shut up! You will see later, I will call Yankuro.
Bullies: Oh no, please don't!!! We didn't know that you are related to him. Sorry we will never disturb you again. By the way, could you get me his autograph?
by SomeXrandomXfan December 27, 2010
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