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A strange large-sized creature,
most likely to be found around
Brooklyn. Has odd fascinations
with his snoring dog, and guaranteed
to put a smile on your face...
The Yanick is in da house!
by Len aa March 02, 2003

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also look for 'Sexy Beast'
Like the mivie, ok?....daaaaa.....
by Len aa March 02, 2003
if you dont know the name of a fit person and he sounds like he is foreign then u call him yanick.
hey, what do u think his name is?
by h June 30, 2004
someone with the wit to take over the world. has an ingenoius strategic mind capable of surpasing most present day Commanders at warfare. (also sweet at halo 3)
you wish you child would grow up to be a yanick
by yanick July 11, 2008