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When someone shows up to a party and drinks more than he/she can handle.

Not knowing their limits, they end up puking on your lawn or in your bathroom; possibly for a prolonged period of time.
Katy: Did you see Sam last night? He thought he could down 5 shots of whisky and then turned into a total yakmeister. He was puking all over the lawn!

Steph: What a loser.


Jagermeister to yakmeister.
by vero k. July 24, 2009
Someone who drinks way to much,throws up multiples times, in conjecture with jagermeister. May even lock themselves out of their own room.
Stef: Sam could not handle her scandle and threw up five times last night.

Tony: She's the yakmeister !
by 9449 November 05, 2012
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