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Yahoo Answers is a web site that was created with the idea of helping people find answers to their questions. While most of the time this is the case, Yahoo Answers has been turning more and more into a Right-Wing Propaganda site. Where questions about freedom issues like Gay Marriage and Atheism are met with ignorant, mean comments and Pro-Republican ideas. Yahoo claims the site is "Moderated By The Users" but there has been complaints that questions that met all the guidelines, were deleted, with many suspecting it was because a Yahoo Employee didn't (Personally) like the question. This can be seen by making 2 different accounts and posting different questions that fall into a Conservative or Liberal mindset. Conservative questions and comments are often times left up on the site, even when they include offensive words like "Fag". While Liberal points of view are deleted, without a reason by Yahoo. Many Christian's use Yahoo Answers as a tool to spread their faith and views. Many questions, not even related to God, are met with answers that read like Religious Propaganda; IE: "Your leg hurts because God loves you and this pain will heal you! God Bless!" Criticism for Republican politicians, will be met with Republican users reporting these users to Yahoo; where Yahoo will just remove the comment and give that user a "Violations Notice". Yahoo claims Violations Notice can be disputed, but Yahoo rarely, if ever, replies back to the emails. MANY former Yahoo Answer users have reported that their accounts have been deleted, citing the reasons above. Considering Yahoo awards a point system to encourage more participation, a user with several thousand points who ends up having their account suspended, is put through a lot of undo stress. Seeing as it can take several months to a year to reach these point levels.
A guy asked if Gay Marriage was the reason for the flooding in the USA. If that God was punishing us. When I called his comments ignorant and that he was acting like a bigot; I received a Violations Notice. Even though his question remained up. Yeah, real fair..... Just another day on Yahoo Propaganda Answers !
by the2ndflood July 27, 2008

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