Youth and Young Adult. Refers to things associated with people who are 18-to-24 years olds. It especially refers to things like trends, technology, and media. Baby Boomers stay Baby Boomers as the get older. You're only a YAYA if you're 18-24.
"Man, that new iPhone is so YAYA. My parents will never learn to use it."
by Onyxxx August 04, 2008
A condition of caused by the build up of crazy energy that wants to be expressed.
Look at my puppy jumping around she has the puppy yayas!

I can't stop playing, I've got yayas from sitting inside all day.
by AppleBaby May 26, 2009
A woman's vaginal area, consisting of all the parts of the vagina.
I had to go to the ya ya doctor today for my annual pap.
by Ladiibugii July 04, 2005
: A group of three or more women whose hearts and souls are joined together by laughter and tears shared through the glorious journy of life
Lisa, Karen, and Lucy were yaya's for life because of their strong, lifelong bond.
by ginchystringbean April 17, 2009
A woman employed to provide care for a baby or child in its own home. Child care taker. Instead of nanny, they are called YAYA in the Philippines.
We are looking for an experienced YAYA for our 6 month old baby.

It's difficult to find a quality yaya these days, better contact a reputable agency.
by tekkles September 29, 2012
From the 1945 Cajun book "Gumbo Ya Ya" meaning everyone talking all at once.
In the kitchen all you heard was ya ya.
by Work of Art February 17, 2013
The trusted Filipino nanny who, ironically, has become a major Philippine export as overseas contract workers. A good one is almost like a surrogate parent--if you don't mind the accent and the predilection for afternoon soap and movie stars
I would like to hire a yaya with nice yayas
by Danny SS August 05, 2005
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