The Lord of the underworld or death.
Yama was Lord of death in the japan ancient history.
by katrice99 February 15, 2008
You Are My Angel
by NotYaMama September 16, 2013
Getting a handjob
Joe: Man, i got the best yama last night

Lous: Lucky, my girlfriend woulnt give me any
by WhiteTJOE September 12, 2009
An irritating, annoying and down-right idiotic saying for people who cannot come up with a clever reply. Ashamed to say that it is primarily used in my birth-place, the North East of England. My friend says it often because she knows it annoys me.
My friend: "YA MA!"

Me: *Crys*

My friend: "Ya Ma lives in a car and that's why she doesn't love you"
by Xandico May 18, 2008
Nigerian slang for 'spoiled'
That guy don yama finish.
by Been-native February 26, 2007
n. a Greek wanker, especially from ancient Greece.
When come back, bring pi! Yamas!
by minipie8 November 23, 2004
(Tagalog/Filipino) wet fart
Careful! Don't step on that yamas!
by ebayedge August 16, 2006

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