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Popularized by rapper Kendrick Lamar, the word has many different connotations and is used often by people in Compton. Typically the word is affirmative and can be read like "my nigga" or "you feel me" depending on the context. Phrase also purposefully sounds like "you bitch" and this can be part of a double meaning.
"Me and my niggas tryna get it ya bish"

"Hit the house lick tell me is you wit it ya bish"

"You looking like an easy come-up ya bish, a silver spoon I know you come from ya bish."
by Archibald Archibald June 10, 2013
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another way of saying "word". Originally used by a rapper.
Bob: "I just got a job at google!"
Rob: "Yabish"
by yaz13 August 03, 2013

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