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A string of words influenced by Jamaican slang which are used to project anger or dissapointment at another person.
Person 1: Wayasay ya rasted claaat!
Person 2: Airee Jefree, wayamean insolt an' shout I?
Person 1: 'ush ya gums ya likle babylan squat!!I angry wid blaad for eat me rice and peas!
Person 2: I saarry Jefree, i will miik sam more.
Person 1: Okiii,i help ya miik et. When i put Rice, you put Peas!

Person 1: Rice...

Person 2: ..n Peas!

Person 1: Rice...

Person 2 ..n Peas!...
by Donno3465345 January 12, 2006
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