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When "Ya Mum" is your only comeback and answer to every question possible. Usually developes in year nine boys.
Whats up?: Ya mum
OMG guess what!!: ya mum?
I'm going to the movies with Nikki tomorrow: i'm going with ya mum
This tastes like lipgloss: Ya mum tasles like lipgloss
Thats cheap!: ya mum's cheap
i love you: i love ya mum
Ultimate burger meal: ya mums the ultimate burger meal!
Did you do your homework?: i did ya mum!
What kind of music do you listen to?: ya mum
What do you want for your birthday?: Ya mum!
Dude you look like a zombie: so does ya mum
Any Questions?: Ya Mum!!
Guess what, i just finished Guitar Hero on Expert!: ...ya mum....
seriously cbf doing this assignment: neither can ya mum
i wish superman was real: ya mum is superman
Why??: because ya mum

i hate your fricken ya mum reflex!!
by AJI27 August 16, 2009
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