Literally, "your face" but used as if to say "your ugly face," usually as a non sequitur in answer to questions.
"Why did you want to talk to me?"

"Ya face!"
by The Doctor November 11, 2004
Top Definition
It is a phrase that can be used when a person does not have the energy to respond with any other coherent answer. Also used when a quick witted comeback eludes your mind.
"What a rainy day today. You are soaking wet. It sucks you didn't have an umbrella."

"Ya Face"
by ya face February 03, 2005
when 5 mates were drunk and insulted each other

lane said 'man, i want sum food'

will said' i want ya face'

ben said 'ya face wants ya face'

sam said 'ur all a bunch of faces'

tristan was fucked in the corner haha
by will7989 March 14, 2007
it is what it is....if a person says something stupid to you then you reply with this. Originating from St. Martinville, LA by a Blanchard sister.
Person: I hate you!!
You: YA FACE!!

Meaning: I hate YA FACE.

Person: You're stupid!!
You: YA FACE!!

Meaning: YA FACE is stupid.
by kbviator January 30, 2011
A term coined by Lewis Camacho (arguably the most charming and important non-intellectual of our time -beat that Chomsky-). A virulent phrase meant to envoke sadness in the recipient and display pure contempt for the recipient. It evolved from the latin "I laugh in Ya Face" which because of the actual laughing couldn't be fully understood hence HAAAHAHA "YA FACE".
Possible usage: YA FACE! OH-MY-GOD, YA FACE! Oh hey by the way, YA FACE!
by STUFF'N'THINGS September 12, 2003
something to say when you want to call some bitch hideous.
Stacy:Omg have you seen that girl? She's ugly!
John: Pfft, she hawt, YAFACE.
by Plexxie October 25, 2009
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