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1. To be state to someone that they got you in a very, VERY bad situation. 2. To tell someone that you totally disagree with them.
1. Man, shit! I let you borrow my card and you maxed that shit out?! Bitch, YOU GOT ME ALL FUCKED UP!!!

2. You think that I'm gonna double date with yo fine-ass girlfriend's fat nasty sista just so the two o you can get out tonight? Man, nigga...YOU GOT ME ALL FUCKED UP!
by Joshiro007 February 15, 2003

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1. You have confused me with someone that you can fuck with.

2. Your thinking about me is wrong.
Give me back my makeup bag.

Sit down, trick.

Bitch, you got me all fucked up! Hand it over.
by Raineth June 19, 2009