the legal marijuana that you can buy at the corner store that suppose to be used as incense
hey man, wanna go smoke that yopo? it doesn't show up on a drug test
by Yopo King June 28, 2011
Top Definition
You only Pass Once.
I haven't studied for that Acio Test Yet. YOPO.
by naggyt October 24, 2012
Is the acronym for "You Only Poop Once." Often used with a hashtag.
Gage: "Yo dude, I took a massive dump before french class."

Jas: "Well you know what they say, YOPO"
by SxJas February 27, 2014
Eigentlich Anadenanthera peregrina genannt. Illegale Mixtur aus Yopo - Samen die hauptsächlich bei Indianischen Völkern benutz wird um in einen Trancezustand zu gelangen. Der Hauptwirkstoff ist DMT. Es wird einem durch ein Blasrohr in die Nase geblasen.
Yopo wird selten auch als harte Droge verkauft. Sie führt aber miestens zu erbrechen und wird von den meisten als sehr unangenehm beschrieben
by LaChris March 05, 2014
You Only Poop Once
Friend: Man, don't buy that expensive house just for it's bathroom!
Me: Fuck that, YOPO.
by Butt Chin June 18, 2012
yopo is another word for {yo} it is so much cooler and better and its the new thing to hit the teen language.. also it was created by a typo of the two most amzing people in the world.. spred it on ..
ex: Yopo, wats going on.. wanna hangout later
by themostamazingpplintheworld March 25, 2005
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