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Feline "Carpe Diem" - You Only Live Nine Times
Cat 1: "I'm gonna eat the family's bird right meow"
Cat 2: "Aren't you worried they'll be mad?"
Cat 1: "Heck no! YOLNT!"
by The Nodfather August 18, 2012
31 5
You Only Live Nine Times...Meow
When cats jump off tables they follow the motto YOLNT.
by Electricarei April 26, 2012
17 2
An acronym used by cats, meaning "You Only Live Nine Times". The feline equivalent of YOLO.
Cat #1: "Hey, I am going to jump out in the freeway and dance in front of this bus!"

Cat #2: "Yeah, do it! Just remember, YOLNT".
by unicornswag777 January 22, 2013
9 3
to say 'YOLNT' is to say 'you only live nine times' therefore the person is referring to one's self as a cat.
girl: 'you sneaking out with me on friday to go to that concert?'
friend: 'omg no! we'll get caught for sure!'
girl: 'who cares if we get caught! YOLO!'
friend: 'mmm fine. YOLNT anyway. shout me a ticket?'
by ThatHipsterHatingEmoBitch April 25, 2012
8 5
You only live nine times (this only works for cats)
"Did you know felines always land on all fours?"

by Catman78645 April 24, 2012
6 5