Yes Mate

Used to express excitement or agreeing something/somebody.
"Are you going to the party tonite?"
by A625 May 03, 2010
A really good magazine that was bought by a crappy magazine. Website YM.com is very addicting. The site is a forum and the only board that isnt filled with illiterate morons is Real Deal.
Fashion Boards: filled with idiots who say things like llYk3 OMGZZZZZZ fAshIoN!!11!1!!!

Real Deal: filled with the smart people of YM who know how to type.
by Fuck-Bush August 27, 2006
Ym is a shortened way of saying/typing "your mum"
Guy 1: Ym.
Guy 2: What the fuck does that mean?
Guy 1: Your mum.
Guy 2: Your mum!
by myym February 14, 2009
When you have someone so special in your life that all the other craziness in life disappears until there are 3 things in life... YOU ME and SATELLITES
all there is when im with you is ... Y.M.S
by Mason S April 16, 2007
-Shortened version for Your mum or Ya mum or any other words of the same meaning
-Used to annoy other, often sarcasticly but can also be used seriously
-Can be used in any way, even if it doesnt make sense
Adam: That was awesome!
Tim: YM was awesome last night...
Adam Huh? shut up u prick
Tim: YM likes my prick...
by Fate-UK June 15, 2006
Yahoo Messenger, and better than any other Instant Messenger.
Guy: YM fo lyf!
Guy2: Yeah!
by FreedomFuckers July 27, 2009
Short for Yahoo Messenger.
*Do you have ym?
*Yahoo Messenger?
-Messanger, yes!
by Sacglu April 15, 2008

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