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Generally stands for 'Yea I've noticed that'. Most people use this phrase when someone makes a sarcastic any typically untrue comment. Rather than accepting the sarcasm, this phrase can be used to deflect the sarcasm back at the original commenter.
Random Female A: I stopped paying attention to you a long time ago. I hate video games

Random Male B: That's funny, because did you know the average female gamer is ridiculously hott?

Random Female A: YINT
by stephenzerotwo May 27, 2010
a sentence enhancer used to emphasize an action.

Note: use of the word ends your turn in conversation.
(see Ex. 2)
1: He called my sister a bitch so I punched him in the face...yint.

2a: I hung up on that bitch. Ain't no way I'm letting her tell me what to do...yint. (correct)

2b: I hung up on that bitch...yint. Ain't no way I'm letting her tell me what to do. (incorrect)
by w. haman January 24, 2007
Yint adj. slang a derogatory term for an American abroad who claims to be Canadian or from the United Kingdom to avoid abuse.
Este pendejo yint espera pasar de Nuevo Escoces! - This Yint fucker is trying to pass off as a Nova Scotian!

(Than you Andrew Leland)
by Marquis de Carabas (new) May 19, 2005
answer to yes/no question, but does not mean yes or no. used when one cant be bothered answering the question seriously
You going to the ball?
by Manny12 June 29, 2006