"Yours in Brotherhood"

A way for fraternity brothers to close correspondence with another brother, most often in email.

Possibly an imitation of Scouting's common use of "YiS" for "Yours in Scouting".
Dear John,

We're moving the chapter meeting to 4p this Friday.


by term3 October 25, 2010
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noun: 1. a short person
2. a dumb person
3. a slut
OMG!!! You are such a yib!!
by Plogg June 03, 2004
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A short form for a clothing line from Singapore called 'Youths In Balaclava' that sells sick treads.
Person 1: Hey! Cool shirt dude! Where did you get it?
Person 2: It's from YIB!
by Hardcore Pussy Slayer May 23, 2016
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