Acronym for "You Go, Girl!"

Used to encourage shows of independence or general awesomeness in females.
Chandra Wilson's speech at the SAG was so wicked awesome. YGG!
by adick87 May 02, 2007
Top Definition
You Go Girl is an urban term that has become an everyday saying. Used with both women and men to address a positive agreement with their actions, direction, comments or attitude.
That's right! You tell'em, YGG.

YGG! TEXT Messaging Apriviation for You Go Girl!
by M&K Carney September 21, 2007
known in da *coe* `~574~'
YA DIG!!!!
ayyy nigga we got dis ygg shit;
all day erry day.
by non yo biznas. :) January 28, 2009
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