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stands for Yankees, Cowoys, Lakers fan. The ultimate frontrunner. If you have a friend that likes all these teams, stop being friends with them. They will often give excuses why they like all these teams like they have a cousin who lives in L.A., or they lived in Dallas for a couple of years, but the real reason that they like all of these teams, is because they win.
person1: It was awesome going to my cousins house in New York, we went to a Yanks game, they are m favorite team!
person2: sounds cool, so are you a knicks fan too?
Person 1: pshh hell no! they suck, im a big lakers fan when it comes to basketball.
Person 2: lemme guss your a cowboys fan too.
Person 1: hell yea!
person 2: (walking away in disgust) typical YCL fan.
by IHateFrontrunners April 14, 2010
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