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Also known as the console war between the two. no one side likes the other however a few spectators have tried both and like one more then the other. thou its not a war rather a form of opinion between gamers experiences with one or the other. most common with Xbox is the Red Ring Of Death (error occurs when the green ring representing that the system is turned on goes red indicating somethings wrong with the system almost impossible to fix without replacing a part or getting a whole new system all together) with Xbox being made by the makers of windows everyone should know they like to throw their products out before working the bugs out of it (which is y at first people leaned more to the PS3) however with PS3's being at over 400 USD more people leaned the opposite direction. now the two consoles are releasing new camera games (Kinect on Xbox PS Move on PS3) to copy the Wii for more kid friendly and more movent involving the player instead of holding a controler. which is better? thats like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop the world may never know. both systems have great line ups of games for both (EX: Rockband 3) and games u can only find on that particular system (Forza on Xbox Gran Turismo on Playstation).
by [SSD]Kelvin[RS] November 04, 2010
Xbox and Playstation two consoles, they met at a bar, had alot of common likes, and then Xbox realized Playstation was a homo.
Xbox vs Playstation
Xbox-Oh, Hey PSN hows the wife and kids?
Playstation-What?? Wife?? I'm married too Bill and we have an adopted korean.
by Millimeters-XBL gamertag January 12, 2011
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