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The day after an especially long Xbox session that lasts deep into the morning hours. Several cups of coffee are required to stay awake at work, your eyes sting and look droopy and all you want to do is go home and get your fix.
Jay: "Hey Mike, you like shit today. Did you go out drinking last night?"
Mike: "Fuck no, I have an Xbox hangover."
Mike:"I stayed up playing Xbox until I passed out face first on my coffee table."
Jay: "Well at least look like you are working."
Mike: "Whatever."
#xbox #xbox 360 #video games #online #gaming
by John Sappho December 03, 2008
9 Words related to Xbox Hangover
the feeling of extreme fatigue and self loathing after playing 5 or more hours of xbox live
"Don't talk to me, I've got an xbox hangover"
#xbox #live #halo #hangover #cornrows
by dillony February 18, 2010
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