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a stunningly beautiful girl with an amazing personality, she lights up a whole room and loves everyone, shes easy to get along with and love and shes the best friend ever
shes soo gorgeous, looks as amazing as a xanthe
by fluffy737 September 24, 2009
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Xanthe is an amazing, beautiful person, of whom everyone wants to be friends with. Can be a little weird at times however behind the act is a perfectly normal and fun loving person, with a fantastic future ahead.
I think xanthe is so amazing, she will be the president one day!
by Me- The Person August 08, 2011
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At first a Xanthe my be mistaken for a common goth, this is a mistake commonly made by amature hunters.
Xanthe's are a reclusive species and are thus hard to find, hence some tales that Xanthes are actully an urban legend.

In the wild they will often be spotted sporting all black atire and will usually be adorned by a ciggarette in one hand and a half drunken bottle of wine in the other.

The bottle of wine is used as part of a complex mating ritual. Xanthes generally have a very low alcohol tolerence and upon consuming a small amount will cause them to go into heat. The mating display of a Xanthe generally involves throughrelly licking the face of her chosen mate but will often make advances on many others before settling down to just one.

The ciggarettes, however, are not just for show. Xanthes are very tempermental and have been known to lash out and use said ciggarette as a weapon, especially when they feel threatened or simply just bored. It is for this reason only experienced hunters should attempt to approach a Xanthe. Amature hunters should not under any circumstances attempt to approach, especially during early spring when it is liekly that the Xanthe is guarding her nest.

Between 40 and 50 Xanthe related deaths occur every year world wide.
"Early in '06 a mate of mine and I were tramping and it just came out of no where, I didnt know what was happening, it just lept out of the bushes. I managed to escape with only minor ciggarette burns but it got Ben, never saw him again. Park ranger said I was lucky to be alive, not many people survive a Xanthe attack."
- Extract from 'Amazing Stories of Survival'
by RozzaG May 11, 2006
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Xanthe is the most incredible beautiful talented girl once you meet her you basically want to be her best friend she lights up a room when she walks in she has the most amazing smile and Beautiful eyes if you look at her for too long do you go blind because she is so beautiful all you want to do is just hug her because she is so beautiful she loves to sing and she wants to be herself most of the time but when she's with her friends she lights up like a star
Xanthe is so Beautiful

Hey Xanthe I love your smile
Xanthes eyes are so pretty
by Xanthe fried chicken March 20, 2017
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