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pronounced: ZAH LOO-AH

1. Vietnamese for "train"

2. Enochklue.
"yo what's up xe lua?"

"that's so xe lua"

"whatever xe lua, stop being a xe lua"

"let's bounce Xe Lua"

"Xe what? Xe Lua"
by brzza November 14, 2008
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5 Words related to XE LUA
1.) Binh Dinh
2.) Vietnamese meaning: Train
3.) To run a train on a girl
4.) What we do to hot girls
5.) XL crew
1.) Hey that guy is xe lua.
2.) Tôi an cai chuoi o tren cai xe lua.
3.) Hey, wanna run a xe lua on her?
4.) That xe lua was great.
5.) XL > BOL
by XL January 23, 2004

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