It stands for crossed penises, with X, representing the shape of the two dicks and D, which means penis.
Wow, look at the XD those two guys are making!
by September 05, 2016
A computer term to be used as a smiley that they have not quite figured it out yet.. that means you are smiling so hard you cant even smile with your eyes open.
Oh shit, you did what?....Thats okay I love you anyways! XD
by pnkP_nkm_m July 21, 2008
A pistol known as the eXtreme Duty, made by Springfield Armory. Comes in multiple calibers and has some features such as "grip safety" and a "loaded chamber indicator."
Shit man, that XD is pretty BA.
by Luke Russell March 24, 2008
An acronym for Xylophone Dick, a musical performance where a person plays a xylophone using their dick instead of mallets.
Phil: I'm going to play a song for you XD
Becky: *files a restraining order because of indecent exposure*
by DrFuxyaraw September 15, 2016
It's a failed laughing face, the correct term to use is either: XD or xD
hey man, i just heard the best joke ever xD
by QwQ Jake June 27, 2016
A laughing face similar to :D, but with its eyes closed. Alternatively written as xD, if you want to look cooler.
Some peeps thought I had friends XD
by Grobur April 04, 2016
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