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1. llegal drug commonly used in the United States by teens aged 15-18 looking to increase performance and penis sensations while playing XBox 360 games.

2. Drug used incorrectly to subsitute sexual feelings and lonliness in confused teenagers.

3. A drug used to overcome tolerance to the pleasures of Xbox.
1. Dude, over the weekend I took some Xboxtasy before a match on COD WaW and I went 30-5. Then I ejaculated without touching my dick.

2. Since I got dumped by Susie last month, I've been feeling really lonely. So last night I tried some XBoxtasy at a friend's house and I don't think I'll ever want another girlfriend. That shit was amazing.

3. I recently became tolerant to the normal feelings of XBox, so I bought a carton of XBoxtasy at E3 and now I can't stop playing.
by 'Lil Jose and Shnitz June 04, 2009
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