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The sound generated from a vigorous and violent cockslap.

May result in the following:
Heavy Concussions/ Memory loss
Dislocation of the jawbone
Breakage of the orbital bone
Severe brusing
Loss or breakage of teeth
Ex 1:
Jackson: Man, I cockslapped that girl last night
Tim: really?
Jackson: yeah, it was just all like....WUPAH!
Tim: Why?
Jackson: It's How I roll

Ex 2:
Jenny: I heard you got cockslapped last night
Megan: Yeah, It was horrible, I broke 8 teeth, my jaw, my orbital bone, my neck, insane brusing, short-term memory loss, and heavy kidney failure.
Jenny: Woah, that must have been loud.
Megan: Yeah, It was a giant WUPAH!
by Moninjapah August 15, 2006
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