A large expanding butthole. One may have a wumpus after taking it up the butt or taking a catastrophic dump.
After I pulled my dick out of Jane's butthole, she had an enormous wumpus.
by Luke April 03, 2006
A fictional creature who hides in a digital grid, and gives you only a few chances to find him.
Im hunting the wumpus
by Brandon Foltz August 08, 2006
a thing which you hunt in a dark cave full of bats and bottomless pits, armed only with a couple arrows.
I loved playin' that old 1972 video game "Hunt The Wumpus"
by Kangus February 17, 2004
Someone who is extremely thirsty
"Did you see how Kevin was all over that girl?"

"Man he is such a wumpus"
by The Wumpmeister April 08, 2014
The little bump on a man's inner thigh that is sensitive to touch and can cause romantic feelings to be aimed the the toucher.
Listen, if you want a man to fall for you, you've got to touch his wumpus.

To catch a lover, wumpus him.
by lulufluff May 18, 2014
The back part of the head where a bump is found.
Jareds wumpus is huge.
by Jake Brodsky August 19, 2005
The spot on the bridge of your nose where it dips down between your eyes. Some people pierce it.
IIIIIII'm gonna lick your wumpus!
by Dark Ace April 03, 2010
a term of affection for one so loved and adored that all the shorty want to get with him. unrelated to bats.
"I love that G-wumpus. He gots the bling"
by gracie fo' sheezie April 08, 2005

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