Elderly people. People who have wrinkled skin as a result of their age.
Jacqui refers to her grandparents as "The Wrinklies".
by Laura Hadfield April 17, 2003
Top Definition
A cute old person
Jamal: damn that is one cute old lady

DeSean: yeah ive seen that wrinkly around
by yolanda440 March 16, 2011
A term used to describe the elderly.
Did you hear? The wrinklies are coming over.
by m0nstaLulz July 10, 2016
An elderly person.
An old croc face.
An old fart.
An old aged pensioner.
I was was taking a walk on Budleigh salterton beach the other day and an old WRINKLY stepped out from a beach hut.
He was bollock naked.
by Lowdown November 16, 2004
Clothes sitting in the laundry basket not getting folded...
Putting clean clothes in the laundry basket and not folding them...The clothes are getting WRINKLY...
by RockHaulr October 03, 2012
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