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Clothes sitting in the laundry basket not getting folded...
Putting clean clothes in the laundry basket and not folding them...The clothes are getting WRINKLY...
by RockHaulr October 03, 2012
0 3
A cute old person
Jamal: damn that is one cute old lady

DeSean: yeah ive seen that wrinkly around
by yolanda440 March 16, 2011
32 3
Elderly people. People who have wrinkled skin as a result of their age.
Jacqui refers to her grandparents as "The Wrinklies".
by Laura Hadfield April 17, 2003
13 3
An elderly person.
An old croc face.
An old fart.
An old aged pensioner.
I was was taking a walk on Budleigh salterton beach the other day and an old WRINKLY stepped out from a beach hut.
He was bollock naked.
by Lowdown November 16, 2004
11 11